Kate Morrell /


Lazy Susan: Portable Toolkit

(Work in progress)

This digital video work is an extension to the Gallery II commission: ‘Pots before words’ (2014). The project utilises an existing artwork ‘Lazy Susan: Portable Toolkit’, a sculpture which functions as a portable, table-top display. The project involves touring the sculpture to U.K. archives and collections, where a series of object presentations will be filmed. The marble platform will play host to a series of female archivists and archaeologists and the chosen artefacts of their profession.

The portable display will begin at Special Collections at the University of Bradford - location of the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive. In the spirit of its origination from within the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive, the sculpture will continue to several institutions which hold strong connections to the role of women in material sciences, with a focus on archaeology and prehistory.

Screenshot, work in progress: Lazy Susan: Portable Toolkit (Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL, London, 2015)


Lazy Susan: Portable Toolkit