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Lustre (2015)
Kendal Museum (solo project). Commissioned by Legion TV, London and Kendal Museum, Cumbria. Supported by Arts Council England.

Lustre is a twelve month exhibition at Kendal Museum, Cumbria. As the Museum embarks on a new phase digitising its collections, Lustre aims to examine questions about the implications and possibilities that arise when sharing digital collections. The project consists of a digital video and printed guide displayed alongside the permanent museum collections and focuses on two specific areas – Geology and Archaeology. The works result from a period of residency at Kendal Museum.

A Weird Aperture - and Weird Echoes of Water (2015)
Digital video, 12mins
Watch on Vimeo

Museum Pictorial. Bronze mirror, incised (2015)

Edition of 500, 32pp., 148 x 210mm, 2-colour litho print
Design: Sara De Bondt studio (Mark El-khatib)
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