Y El Barro Se Hizo Eterno (Work in progress 2017-19)
British Council Scholarship at FLORA ars + natura, Bogotá, Colombia. Ten month residency (Feb-Dec 2017)

Y El Barro Se Hizo Eterno (And The Mud Became Eternal) is a research-based project which considers the complex relationships in the territory of Colombia, between archaeology, guaquería, museums, banks, cultural foundations and private collectors. The work departs from a period of research within archaeological sites, archives and museums in Colombia, namely, MUSA Museo Arqueológico and Museo del Oro and their collections of precolumbian ceramics and gold (respectively). One element of the project, due for completion in 2019, is a digital video: Y El Barro Se Hizo Eterno, that incorporates interviews with Bogotáno women, documenting their private collections of precolumbian ceramics, displayed within a domestic setting and embedded within the interior architecture of their homes. The conversations will highlight the complexities of guaquería, imitation artefacts, the subjectivities of the collector and assigning value to artefacts. The project also brings to light - and incorporates into the video artwork - a collection of VHS tapes from MUSA archives, documenting the activities of the museum during the 1980s-90s.

Images: screenshots from digital video, recorded in various locations in Bogotá; screenshots from digital transfer from VHS.