Alpine Spoilers Audio Book
The first printing of Alpine Spoilers was published in 2012 (currently out-of-print). This new 2022 audio work was conceived in response to the challenges of making and presenting publications in post-covid-19 conditions, to expand strategies for disseminating work in the absence of book fairs, travel restrictions and testing new online solutions facilitating remote access to artworks.

Alpine Spoilers assembles quotes from the last paragraphs of over one hundred mountaineering memoirs. The books are first-hand accounts of journeys in The English Lakes, The Alps, The Himalayas and further afield, from the Victorian era to the present day. The collection is part of the archive of The Fell & Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District, held at The Armitt Museum & Library in Cumbria.

Alpine Spoilers presents the mountainous landscape shaped by male imaginary. In the closing pages the alpinist composes a poignant, poetic finale. The author weighs the tensions between pleasure and power versus risk, the pull of the sublime, and the real possible outcomes of pain and death.

Alpine Spoilers Audio Book (2022)
Edition of 50, hand numbered
MP3, 16mins, English spoken
Audio file supplied via QR code. Set of three printed cards looped onto a carabiner

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