Museum Pictorial I: Bronze mirror, incised
Museum Pictorial I: Bronze mirror, incised accompanies the commissioned exhibition ‘Lustre’ at Kendal Museum, Cumbria.

This museum pictorial showcases and expands upon a selection of bronze mirrors which are on permanent display at Kendal Museum, along with collated examples from museum digital collections. The degraded surface of the ancient mirrors have absorbed and reflected the image of countless visitors to the museum.

Prior to being displayed at Kendal Museum, the mirrors have been passed between many different hands: including museum curators, conservators and archaeologists, along with makers and users from past civilisations.

Punctuating the images are short descriptions of incised, decorated mirrors. These texts illustrate artefacts from many different ages, making reference to the human figure, expressions and gestures. The descriptions evoke familiar images of human ancestry. The texts can also be interpreted as depictions of past users and makers: fleeting reflections captured by the artefacts.

Museum Pictorial I: Bronze mirror, incised (2015)
Commissioned by Legion TV (Kiera Blakey & Matthew Hughes)
Designed by Sara De Bondt studio (Mark El-khatib)
Edition of 200
Booklet, 32pp., 148 x 210 mm
2-colour litho (black + metallic bronze)

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